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Shrek says it well when he tells Donkey that we have layers. My friend says it better when she explains that we carry around a truckload of onions and we must chunk the rotten bits off the back as we're going down the road. We are forever learning and growing, continually becoming who we really are.


 My Blog will be my content and my content has changed. If you knew me before this moment in time, you do not know me. Growth blesses those who dig for it, who commit to suffering through the never-ending personal internal work to reveal a pristine mirror of truth.


Messages are not fully and deeply understood through obscured lenses like the judgements of others and programmed preconceived notions. And I want you to understand mine, so you can expect my words to be real.


In my experience, the most profound and pertinent expression is free and clear of filters and inhibited restrictions. The clearest voice is when personal integrity remains intact. This is where I will begin to share my voice. This is where I will begin to tell my stories. Expect this space to expand and unfold, hopefully in both weird and wonderful ways.

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